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Welcome To Waltham Abbey Market

The market in Waltham Abbey has been around for many years gaining Charter status during the reign of Richard I to hold Markets and Fairs. Today's market is held on both Tuesdays and Saturdays. The town, along with its’ market has a very colourful history which centres around the Abbey itself.  The Church, as it was then, was consecrated  on 3rd May  1060, which is known as Holy Cross Day. At this point, King Harold went to the Church to pray before going off to the Battle of Hastings where he was to die in battle with William The Conqueror.  It was alleged that his body was then brought back to be buried in or around the Church.  It wasn’t until the early 1100’s that the Church was extended and added to, until around 1177 it was granted Abbey status.  Since these times the town has expanded and flourished until the present day.

The market is situated in an area that is full of history. If you are not local, why not make a day of it and come to the market followed by any of the many  attractions offered.  In and around the market there are many and varied eating places from cafes, pubs, tea rooms, Pie and Mash (as used and frequented by David Beckham and his family) and coffee houses. There is something for everyone!

The market has gone through many changes over the years with traders coming and going, the economic climate booming then dipping. It is a wonder that there is still a vibrant market. Today’s market consists of a good core of traders that stand out in most weathers. There are still one or two product lines that we would welcome. If you might be interested in joining part of Waltham Abbey’s historic market, then go to the contacts page to enquire or email me here.

Special thanks to The Ray Sears Collection, Epping Forest District Museum  and the WA Historical Society and Bryn Elliott for some of the supplied photographs.

Pic taken by Vincent Ball. Used with his kind permission.